Paul Meyer Design Pty Ltd

Paul Meyer Design Pty Ltd
Paul Meyer Design has provided exceptional standards in architecture
and landscaping since 1985.

A member of the Housing Industry Association as well as the Building Designers Association, the practice strives for design perfection and originality.



  Based in New South Wales, Paul Meyer Design excels at challenging building composure and
  sculptured landscaping solutions.

  Paul Meyer's meticulous attention to client needs, inevitably leads to individualised and innovative design concepts.
  The final product is professionally illustrated in full colour realism - dramatic presentations reflecting every detail of 
  the building's interior, exterior and landscaping.

  Paul Meyer construction programs enhance lifestyle and personal fulfillment within budget requirements.

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  Steps taken during the design process include:
Preparation of brief.
         Site Investigations.
    Authority consultation.
         Co-ordination of consultants and
         Design concept colour presentations
         Budget costing / pre tenders.
         Council / Authority Development
         Council Construction Certificate  
         Building Contract Agreement
         On site inspections and administration

   Staff team philosophy encourages:
  • Design integrity.
  • 100% task completion.
  • Timetable production.
  • Responsibility.
  • Rewards.
  • Project delivery.
  • Client / Advocator recognition.
  • Happiness in achievement.

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Over 100 designs are completed annually across suburban Australia.  A significant number of projects are also completed in rural New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland.  

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Awards & Photos

2005 Hills Building & Design Awards 
(Residencial) Residential Building -
Custom Built Home Above $650,000
Builder: Legend Projects

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